Sometimes your emails can be reported as a spam. It's very unpleasant situation, indeed. Let us introduce you how signatures can affect this and how to prevent it.

At first, it's important to realize that SignatureSatori is an app for signature management, we can't guarantee the content of the signature and the whole email itself. The signature is a standard part of the message and it doesn't affect the score more than the rest of the email. There's almost no chance that our app will negatively effect your spam score. 

We have prepared a few points which should help you to fix the issue.

1. Check your DKIM/SPF records on your domain DNS

Every email should have records which help against spam.
Please check the official G Suite DKIM or SPF help article.

2. Check if all target links are working properly

If you use links in your signature, please check if the target page is working fine and there are no errors.

3. Don't use "shorteners" for links in your signature

URL shorteners help us especially when we need to share long URLs to your colleagues and clients, but you shouldn't use them in the signature itself. This results in higher spam score.

4. Check if you use any other third party tracking services for emails

There are a lot of services helping you track information about your email (if it was read or opened etc.) These services redirect your original links. You can't recognize it in SignatureSatori because it's usually applied upon sending the email from the client. These redirected links can greatly enhance your spam score. 

5. Check the email content as a whole, not just the signature

Sometimes, especially when you're sending links and attachments, emails can be reported as a spam and the signature has nothing to do with it.

6. Recipient has a very strict email gateway

Yes, it's possible too. Everything is set properly, but the recipient just has his incoming email settings too strict or incorrectly set.

I checked everything, but nothing has changed or I am not sure what to do.

You can also test your signature HTML in some of the public services.
Contact us anytime, we can check your templates and help you.

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