The signatures in subscription mode are regularly updated at a certain hour (set by admin here).
But sometimes you just need everything to work instantly - we have a quick solution for those circumstances, but it differs for three conditions you can find yourself in.

1. I want the signatures up and running right now for a new user

It doesn’t matter if you set everything up today or have purchased the subscription formerly and forgotten about it. In both cases make sure in the Users menu that subscription is really active for all users you need. 

You can now use credits to force synchronize users’ signatures by clicking Set signatures immediately. Don’t worry that this will cost you extra, we gave you those credits for free when you purchased the subscription. 

After the subscription will kick in, you won't need to spend the credits anymore - all modifications done to users in subscription will be free.

2. I modified existing subscription users data or templates/marketing campaigns

After you successfully load new user data, force an update by clicking Set signatures immediately. This operation won’t cost you any credits.

3. I added new subscription users

Don’t forget to activate your users after successful purchase of the subscription.

You received 1 credit for every purchased subscription that you can now use to force synchronize users’ signatures:

  1. Go to the Users page and switch to the "Credit mode" using a control on the top-left.
  2. Select users by ticking the checkbox.
  3. Click Set signatures at the bottom. 
  4. Confirm.

The procedure is described in greater detail in this article.

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