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How to obtain Eventbrite Organizer ID
How to obtain Eventbrite Organizer ID
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How to find Eventbrite Organizer ID used in external sources configuration.

  1. Start at the Eventbrite site and Log in.
    (You can obtain the Organizer ID even if you don't have access to Organizer Profile. Please look below for details)

  2. Now click on Account settings link (in the user profile menu).

3. Now choose Organization settings in the left-side menu.

4. You will see your Organizer profiles. Pick the one you wish to add to SignatureSatori

5. Your Organizer ID is the numerical part of the link at the bottom of the page.

If you don't see any Organizer Profile, you have to create an event on your Eventbrite page. For creating an Organizer go to Manage Events > Create Event section.

How to obtain Organizer ID if you don't have access to the Organizer profile

You can add Eventbrite events to your emails even if you don't have direct access to the account.

  1. Start by searching the event or organizer on Eventbrite.

  2. When you find it, click on it and scroll below to see details about the organizer.

  3. Now click on the organizer's name

    You will find even more information about the organizer here, but you're interested in a part of the URL as seen in the screenshot below - this is the Organizer ID you can use in SignatureSatori.

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