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How to make my Out of Office message rich formatted
How to make my Out of Office message rich formatted

How to set Out of Office message working with my signature

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If you're experiencing issues with your Out of Office messages, please make sure, you have Rich formatting turned ON.

Enforcing the rich formatting for all users

You can enforce that for all your users directly in SignatureSatori.

2) Check the box and click on Set

3) Now, you must set-up the signature again to make it work.

a) Users with the subscription seat will be automatically updated by the next scheduled daily subscription run.

b) Users on the credit mode have to be updated using a Credit token.

Manual settings change

Users can also do that manually in their Gmail settings.

  1. At the end of the page is Out of Office AutoReply section

  2. Click on the Rich formatting

You may have trouble saving​ your Out of Office message in Gmail. In this case, please check out our dedicated article:

If the problem persists, please contact us at

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