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Signature "Styles" enable you to set up and keep consistent a color scheme in your template (and across different templates, too). This tool enables you to edit blocks of signature content on one click so you can modify predefined templates or create new templates from scratch with ease.

Before you prepare your first template, we recommend to go into Settings and set up the default colours you plan to use and that fit into your company scheme. By doing this, you will have these colors available as a first option while preparing the actual template.

Once you do that, go to Signature templates and you will see your pre-picked colors in the Styles column on the left.

You can change the available options and see the immediate effects on the template.

In case of you did any changes and you want to return to the default settings you prepared (as described above), you can do so under the More button and clicking Load defaults.

If you want some content to be connected to a different style group or want something added to a certain, you can learn more about that in a dedicated article.

Take a live tour under this link.

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