We offer a large variety of predefined free templates.
You can save a lot of work and time if you pick one of them and modify it to your desires. It’s easy!

  1. Begin by going to the Signature templates menu.

If you haven’t set any templates yet, you will see the “default” template. This is the most basic (but sufficient) signature.
Want to create a new template? Follow these instructions

2. Then click on Choose design button

3. Choose any template that fits your needs
You can optimize colors and and fonts before applying the template.

4. When your template is ready click on Load Design

5. You can optimize variables or social networks links, just follow these instructions.

6. Now click on Save template and you are ready to Assign a template to a User group.

The “default” template behaves in many ways as other templates - it’s fully editable and can be assigned to users (or user groups) at your will.
But it also serves an important purpose: the “
default” template is designated to all users that don’t have any specific template assigned.
That is also the reason why you can’t delete the “
default” template - otherwise you would be at risk that some users wouldn’t have any signature.

That’s why we suggest adding more detailed informations to it.

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