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How can I change or add the payment method?
How can I change or add the payment method?

Removing, changing, or adding a new Credit car/Paypal account in SignatureSatori.

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I want to remove my current payment method

Your current payment methods are available in Settings > Billing information under the Payment methods section.

Current payment methods can be deleted at any time with the only exception of the method tied to the Subscription. You will need to switch to a different primary method before removal becomes possible.

You can remove a payment method by clicking the Trashcan icon.


I want to add a new payment method

The process below describes the process if you're using Credits. If you want to learn how to do it for Subscription, skip further.

I am using Credits

Adding a new payment method in Credit mode must be finished by a successful transaction, otherwise, your progress won't be saved.

2) Pick from the already entered payment methods or add a new one:

3) Insert your Payment method details.

4) Choose how many Credits you wish to buy.

5) Confirm your choice with the "Buy Credit" button.

I am using the Subscription

1) You will find the option to change the payment method if you go to Subscription Settings > Update payment method button.
โ€‹(You can also access it directly on this link.)

2) You will be prompted to pick one of your saved payment methods or add a new one. Click on "Add new Payment method"

3) Insert your payment method information.

4) When the new payment method is added, in the right bottom corner, please click on the "Update payment method" button which confirms the whole process.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or start a chat with us.

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