iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The signature in Gmail for iPhone/iPad doesn't have to be set specifically, the same design as for desktop will be used.

If the signature doesn’t appear to the recipient, make sure you don’t have active a specific mobile signature that rewrites your default signature.

To do that:

  • Open Gmail app on your iPad/iPhone

  • Go to Menu

  • Tap Settings

  • (If you have multiple accounts, pick the correct one)

  • Go to Signature Settings

  • Switch Mobile Signature OFF

Please have in mind that signatures in the iOS Gmail app are never visible while composing an e-mail but added to the message after sending.

The signature might take up to an hour after the above described procedure to appear by the e-mails sent from the app.
If you hurry, re-installing the app will make the signature appear instantly.


The Android Gmail app currently doesn’t support any signatures in HTML.
Support for signatures is currently in development

As a workaround, open the Gmail in your mobile browser and send emails from there. The signature will be appended to your emails.

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