The key difference between credits and subscription is that purchasing credits is a one-time payment for a one-time setup while the subscription is a recurrent monthly payment for a daily synchronization.


If you buy credits, you can use them anytime you need to edit the signature - spending the credit on user’s signature gives you a 24-hour window to edit this signature (even multiple times). 


If you decide for subscription mode, you pay a monthly fee depending on the number of signatures you manage.
Using this method gives you a possibility to edit the signatures anytime you want, make use of our marketing planner and prevent users from changing their signature manually - their alterations will be reversed during a daily synchronization.

What should I choose?

The right choice depends on your needs and demands. If you just want to set the signatures and don’t plan on changing them in a few months, the credits will suit better.
However, if you plan to use signatures as a marketing channel and edit them frequently, subscription mode will be cheaper and less constraining for you.

We also offer a possibility to combine both methods. If you have employees that use their e-mail accounts only for internal communication, you can set their signatures with credits. At the same time different users can be in a subscription mode in order to communicate your chosen message via their signatures (useful for employees who are regularly in contact with your customers, e.g. sales department or customer service).

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