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How to use the marketing Campaign planner?
How to use the marketing Campaign planner?

How to use campaigns

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Pictures, text or links displayed as an appendix to your signature with assigned visibility days are called Campaigns.
Campaigns are organized in Sets and sets can be assigned to User groups

In order to add Marketing content to your signature, simply insert the {marketing} placeholder to your signature template. Please check how to create your first marketing campaign and set.

The assigned Marketing Set will be automatically attached to it in previews and upon appliance of the signature.

The marketing planner allows you to plan automatized future changes for different User groups.

So how to use the marketing Campaign planner?

When you are creating a new campaign you have to set the validity start and end date. If you use the subscription mode, on selected date, the campaign will be automatically added to users' signatures.

If you have two or more campaigns planned on the same date, the one with the shortest time period will automatically have the priority.

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