If you've encountered an error on Dashboard that states API access discontinued don't panic and try entering your G Suite Superadmin email as stated.

The problem persists?

The most likely explanation this keeps happening is that you have disabled API access in G Suite (effectively prohibiting SignatureSatori from using your data).

You can enable it if you

  1. Go to G Suite Admin console dashboard
  2. Click Security 
  3. Click API access
  4. Make sure the Enable API access box is checked
  5. At the bottom, click Save

Still nothing?

As a G Suite super administrator, please

  1. Go to the G Suite admin console dashboard
  2. Click Apps
  3. Click Marketplace Apps
  4. Click SignatureSatori
    If you see red text Approval Needed, continue to a step 5
  5. Click Grant data access

That didn't help either...

Another option is that your G Suite Superadmin doesn't have SignatureSatori enabled. Please follow this article if you're not sure how enable a Marketplace app to an OU in G Suite.

Hey guys, it's still not working!

We're sorry this is happening, please contact us directly via chat or our email.

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