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How to configure external sources
How to configure external sources

RSS | Twitter | Eventbrite

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Adding dynamic content from external sources to your signatures is a very simple way how to drive traffic and bring attention to your blog, social media profiles, and events. 

Configuring External Sources

We currently offer an option to connect RSS, X (formerly Twitter), and Eventbrite, Vimeo, Youtube.

You can configure them in Settings > External sources.

The external source has to be updated in SignatureSatori first, otherwise, you will see deprecated information in your interface.
If you use Credits, you need to update the feed manually every time you want to set it.

We advise using Subscription mode, which allows you to update it automatically and saves you money because you have got unlimited number of signature changes.

More information about utilizing the external sources in Signature templates.
For use in Marketing campaigns, please look here

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