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External sources: X (formerly Twitter)
External sources: X (formerly Twitter)
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If you're looking for general info about External sources, please follow here

If you plan to increase your company's X presence, promoting your tweets in emails is a very effective way to do that.

  1. Click on + Add X button

  2. Add your Twitter username

  3. Click Save and you should see your latest post. 

The app lists only posts, not reposts and replies. However, if you post a thread, the last post will be loaded into SignatureSatori.

Be careful - if your reposts and replies outweigh your original postsin a major way (more specifically: if your latest 200 X interactions consist solely of retweets and replies), no content will be loaded.

Due to changes in X API you might run into an error while manually reloading the X feeds. This is a limitation set by X, you will be able to load the content again in a couple minutes.

Please keep in mind that External sources work best when used with Subscription - a synchronization will be performed before every set-up that will fetch the most current content. 

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