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If you have a lot of content to promote, you can partially automatize your effort by utilizing rotation of the marketing variations. You can utilize this feature for A/B testing or different graphics. This feature works especially well if you fetch your content from external sources.

You can set several alternatives of your campaign by clicking on Add variation button in the campaign details.

These variations will switch according to rules you set up so you can have different texts in your campaign. You can set the type of rotation by clicking on the section Rotation next to the color of the campaign.

You can choose one of three types of rotation:

Random rotation -  Campaign variations will change on a random basis - even the individual users will have different alternatives applied. 

Regular rotation - Campaign variations will periodically change in the set sequence.

Off - Only the first version will be applied. This is also the default option.

By clicking on the button Reorder, you can choose the order of the alternative campaigns with simple drag and drop function.

You can add up to seven variations to your campaign.

These campaigns are designed to work with the Subscription mode, updating the signatures on a daily basis.

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