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How to enable API access in G Suite
How to enable API access in G Suite
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If you've encountered an error on Dashboard that states API access discontinued don't panic and try entering your G Suite Superadmin email as stated.

Please log out and log back in

Sometimes, especially if administrators left your company, SignatureSatori needs to refresh API access. Logging back in again could fix this.

The problem persists?

We don't get very detailed information from G Suite for these errors and they might be caused by multiple reasons.
Please try to exhaust all listed options before you escalate the issue.

Enable API access

Go to Google Admin API reference settings and make sure you have API access enabled.

Grant Data access in G Suite

Please follow to Google Admin Settings for SignatureSatori where you can grant Data access to our app. This is the desired state:

Update your users list in SignatureSatori

Run "Sync from G Suite" in section Users to make sure your user list is current and checks are performed on existing G Suite users.

Didn't help?

As a G Suite super administrator, please

  1. Go to the G Suite admin console dashboard

  2. Choose Apps

  3. Go to Marketplace Apps

  4. Click the three dots corresponding to SignatureSatori


  6. Confirm your choice

These options should also available under this Google Admin link.

If you want the app to be available only for certain Organizational Units, it's possible - but keep in mind that the Superadmin must be a member of an OU that has it enabled.

Still nothing?

If you have limited API scopes access, you may need to add SignatureSatori to a whitelist - otherwise we might not be able to access your data.

You can enable it if you:

  • Click on the three dots and on Trust

Hey guys, it's still not working!

We're sorry this is happening, please contact us directly via chat or our email.

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