Multiple signatures in Gmail
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A relatively new feature of Gmail is switching between multiple signatures. This feature is currently not included in API and we cannot, therefore, offer a full SignatureSatori integration. As soon as it will become possible it will be our top priority. If you want to be notified about our progress, please send us an email at However, there are ways you can partially utilize this feature already now.

This feature gives users an option to choose a signature while composing the email. You can also set a different default signature for new emails and replies etc. 

More details in a dedicated Google article

As mentioned, this feature now has limited utility in combination with SignatureSatori. You cannot prepare multiple signatures for one address but if you use Send as addresses, you can switch between their respective signatures applied from SignatureSatori.

If the user changes their default settings, it will be reverted for the new email upon signature set-up from SignatureSatori. The "On reply/Forward use" option will not be affected.

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