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Conditions let you display the content for fields and Placeholder elements that are populated or that have specific content.

This means that you can use the same template for users that have e.g. mobile phone and those who don’t with no issues. Some other examples:

  • If only some of your users have a profile picture, you can set up a condition so a placeholder won't be included in the signatures of users that don't

  • You want to include personal social media destinations in the signatures but not everyone has them

  • Not every user has a dedicated phone number and you wish the company number to be used in such cases

There are two options - either create a condition around an existing element in the template or start from scratch.

Creating conditions around an existing element

1) Start by choosing the element you want to edit.

2) Click on Conditions.

3) Now define the condition (“is empty” or “is NOT empty”).

4) When you confirm by clicking OK, this is how will the template look.

Creating a condition from scratch

The process is quite similar. You choose a place in the editor and place your cursor there. Now open Conditions.

As you can see, the fields are now empty. Choose the content you wish to modify from the dropdown menu next to If a field and the options on the left.

Now click OK and you will see the results.

Please keep in mind you cannot have a condition inside another condition.

You can learn more about conditions and what is possible to do with them in the Advanced conditions article.

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