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The basic social media icons with content sourced from the Company profile are available in the Company menu next to the template editor.

Click on the arrow next to the name, you will be able to choose from several options available (different variants of icons and their sizes, etc.).

If you are missing the icons you wish to use, you will find more elaborate options in Modules. You can either drag&drop it wherever you wish it to be or click on the arrow, placing it at the current cursor location.

When you do that, a menu will appear, where you specify the details. What social media site icon should be used, you can choose between different variants, specify the size, and a link right away to it. Of course, you can insert a placeholder that will lead to a user-specific destination.

You can also choose to which color style the icon will be connected - you can also pick it to be the brand color scheme.

You can always re-adjust these options by double-clicking the icon in the template.

If you still wouldn't be happy with the icons we offer, you can upload your own custom icons. They will be treated as images. We suggest the Iconfinder website as a reliable source of icons.

Take a live guide under this link.

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