How to create a new signature
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Start from a predesigned template or use the design you already have

The easiest way to create a new signature is using one of our professionally prepared templates as described in a dedicated article. We highly recommend using them as a basis you will build upon and modify.

Go to Signature templates in the app and click on the Load design button.

Pick the template from the offered choices.

If you have an already existing signature you wish to use, you can do so. It will require some modifications but it's not a complicated process.

Use of placeholder elements

As you can see in the screenshot above and in the attached articles, signatures use Placeholder elements. They consist of Placeholders and Styles.

Placeholders are basically shortcuts that pull into the signature content from User data and Company profiles. So you can prepare just one template for the whole company and it will be populated accordingly to data assigned to the user.

Adjust the Styles

The default Styles are available in Settings but you can adjust them specifically for every template you decide to create.

The predefined templates already come with Styles connected to the elements.

Stylize the signature

You can change the way Styles are now connected or disconnect them altogether.

1) Choose the element you wish to edit

2) Click on Stylize in the editor

3) Change the connections according to your plans

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