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Adding user information and how to update it

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There are three ways to administer the users data:

User data is imported from your company G Suite account. This solution means that you are required to edit the info about users only in G Suite and upload it later to SignatureSatori with a simple click (it’s not possible the other way round).

While the complete data is synchronized upon SignatureSatori installation, you can always trigger it manually or set it to be happening regularly Be careful when choosing the synchronization mode - you might overwrite your data. You can learn more about synchronization specifics here: What is the difference between refresh modes?

2. Let users input their information in an online form

Send your users a simple form that saves data to SignatureSatori app (not to G Suite). We strongly advise checking the data before setting the signatures as admin.

3. Input user data as admin

You can always edit or add personal data about users as the administrator in Users & Set-up.

After you input your changes, don't forget to save your progress at the bottom of the screen.

If you utilize Credit mode, don't forget to set-up the affected signatures after these changes for them to be reflected.

4. Import user data from a spreadsheet

You can perform a mass update of user data via importing a CSV file. You can learn more in a dedicated article.

If you feel that there are too many fields you don't utilize, you can always hide them during the User page setup.

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