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User data import from CSV file
User data import from CSV file
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There are several ways to update User data in SignatureSatori. If admins want to do broad changes that cannot be sourced from G Suite or put in by users, the data import might be the best option.

Export the users whose data you want to update

While it's not necessary to start working from the exported file, it will make the process easier since it's already pre-formatted. Details about working with files sourced elsewhere are described below.

Go to Users & Set-up and tick the checkboxes for users you plan to update. You can filter out users according to User Group membership, signature state, etc. to make the process easier. Alternatively, you can export all users in one click in Settings.

Next, click on More Actions below and choose Export user data.

A .zip file that contains a .csv file will be downloaded that you can edit now.

Please don't remove the "user" column and don't change the names of columns you want to keep - otherwise, you may not be able to import it back to SignatureSatori.

Import the file

After you make the changes you need in the spreadsheet, go to Users & Set-up and click on the CSV import button next to the synchronization options. You can get there directly here.

You will be prompted to upload the file. If you used the file exported from SignatureSatori, you don't need to adjust the separator and quote types - the exported file fits the default options here.

If you used a custom file, you can make the formatting adjustments here. Please keep in mind that the columns must be properly named and preferentially in the correct order for the import to go smoothly.

In the next step, you can choose which columns (data fields) will be updated. If you didn't include that type of content in the custom-made file, uncheck those columns here otherwise the content from those fields may be removed. Columns that were removed from the file will not be displayed here.

Now select your preferred synchronization mode. The options are analogous to sync modes with G Suite.

Write data from CSV file only where currently empty

  • The current user data will not be affected, only fields currently empty in SignatureSatori may have content added to them.

Rewrite all except where empty in CSV file

  • This option rewrites already existing data in SignatureSatori with content from the spreadsheet. However, if the corresponding fields are filled in SignatureSatori but not in the imported file, they will not be "wiped".

Rewrite all from CSV file

  • Every field in SignatureSatori for users included in the imported file will be synchronized to the state in said file

Now click on Run import. After a second, you will see the summary of the process and if there have been any issues.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us via in-app chat or at

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