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3D Secure 2 implementation in SignatureSatori
3D Secure 2 implementation in SignatureSatori
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3D Secure 2 is a security and authentication protocol for card payments online used by SignatureSatori. It is compliant with the Strong Customer Authentication requirements set forward by the EU. You can learn more general information here.

Every transaction using 3D Secure 2 is first considered by the customer's bank. If it is considered risky, the customer will be prompted to authenticate themselves. That can be done via code shared in a text message sent to the phone number associated with the card or via the official verification app from the card issuer.

Since the bank takes into account various parameters (transaction history and behavioral history, the value of the purchase, etc.) not every transaction will require this verification.


Credit purchases will always require verification (unless 3DS2 is disabled - see below).


If you set up Subscription in SignatureSatori, it is very likely you will be asked to verify the initial transaction. This verification is also valid for future transactions of the same (or lower) amount. That means you won't be required to verify the scheduled transaction every month.

The important thing to keep in mind about verification is that it's an independent step in the process. It allows our payment processor to charge the customer's account in the future for an amount equal to or lower than the verified amount without the necessity to go through verification again.

Subscription Automation

There's one specific case when things get a little more complicated. If you set up Subscription Automation, the number of Subscription seats can increase automatically according to the rules you set. That means the charged amount can get over the verified amount.

We try to eliminate that option and related complications by asking for verification of a higher amount than immediately necessary while setting up the Automation. But when it does occur, you will receive an email prompting you to run the verification again. A message will also appear on your Dashboard:

And a verification button will appear in your Subscription settings:

Can 3DS2 be switched off?

If your card is issued outside EEA (European Economic Area), you can switch off 3DS2 in Billing Information.

What happens when we change cards?

Verification is tied to the payment instrument (card), not your account. Changing cards means you will need to go through verification again.

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