If you have a steady influx of new users, you can ease your work by adding them to Subscription automatically. If you run out of Subscription seats, the system will purchase additional ones according to your specifications. Please follow the steps illustrated and let us know if you run into any trouble.

How to enable Subscription automation

Start with Group based Automation in section Automation Features:

Then enable G Suite synchronization (you should have this already enabled for the correct Subscription function, but please check this as it's a necessary step):

Now go to Subscription details to the Auto increase section where you can set your daily increase limit and the warning threshold to have your spending under control. 

Start by enabling the feature and set the numbers you want (if you keep them at 0, there will be no effective limit/warning threshold).

The users will not be added to Subscription right away but right before its regular run. You can check them queued here under "See users scheduled for activation".

You don't have to enable the Automation for all your users, only for certain User Groups. 

You have now successfully set Subscription automation for your users and saved yourself a lot of time and hassle in the future.

Subscription seats will be automatically assigned to all users within the group.

If you have specific Users you don't wish to be included despite their User Group membership, the process is simple.

Note: The Automation doesn't reveal and process Send as addresses, you need to add them to SignatureSatori manually before they'll be handled.

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