We suggest keeping as much data about users, including contact details, position, department etc. in G Suite.
You can very simply synchronize the user database from there to SignatureSatori, however, it doesn’t work both ways - you can’t synchronize data stored in our app to G Suite. 

If you use Custom categories in G Suite, we also offer an option to map them to Custom fields in SignatureSatori - we have a dedicated article about that, Advanced field mapping.

When you install the app, the users from G Suite will be automatically imported to SignatureSatori. If you want to perform the synchronization after the initial import, please read the following carefully.

The synchronization starts in the Users & Set-up, above the list of users.

You will be required to choose from several synchronization modes:

1. User list - Add new users and remove deleted from G Suite

  • System will load new users from G Suite
  • Users deleted in G Suite will be automatically removed from SignatureSatori
  • Doesn't affect any user data (addresses, phones etc.) currently stored in SignatureSatori
  • This option will be always triggered during synchronization

2. User details - Rewrite from G Suite directory

  • Rewrite all user details with data contained in G Suite Directory
  • This will affect all information inserted by users or administrator directly to SignatureSatori
  • This option is optimal if you renamed your domain
  • Option No. 1 will be included

3. Reload/rewrite Group membership

  • Rewrite group memberships according to Organizational Units affiliation in G Suite
  • This will affect all groups that were created in SignatureSatori and also modified group membership
  • Option No.1 will be included

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