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If you think that different departments or people of your company could benefit from different signatures, you’re right!

You can set it very easily with SignatureSatori and User Groups. This will not only prove beneficial for different signature setup but (if used right) will help you manage payments for users sorting them efficiently.

If you have users already sorted in G Suite, everything will be simpler for you, or you can set everything directly in SignatureSatori. Just be careful, you could reverse your changes made in SignatureSatori to settings from G Suite if you choose the synchronization option Reload and rewrite group membership.

Adding new User Group is simple.

  1. Go to User Group menu

  2. Scroll down and you will find a button + Add new Group on the left side.
    If you click on it, you will see this window:

The Name of the group isn’t public and serves to you, so we recommend to make it short and specific.

The Parent Group already suggests the option that you can create “subgroups” that inherit specific settings.
This helps to have everything in order especially if you manage signatures for various branches or subsidiaries that are further divided to departments. 

The Signature template gives you an option to set the template for the new User group directly or if you create a “subgroup” to inherit the settings of the parent group. This option might save you time because if you change the template for the parent group, all subgroups reflect that change accordingly. You can also edit this later, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. If you want to find out more about assigning signature templates to groups, look at this article.

The same behavior as with the signature template relates to the marketing sets - it can be set directly or inherited. This can be configured in the field Assigned marketing set.
You can find more information about assigning marketing sets here.

The Assigned Company profile allows you to set up signatures for users in multiple companies or subsidiaries. You can learn the details here

If you don’t have the user groups sorted and want to have everything in order, you can add users to user groups by typing their name to the bar Add members.
Remember that users can always be in only one group (or subgroup) and if you add them somewhere else, they will be deleted from their previous group.

Deleting Group is very simple - simply click the Delete button below the user list. The default group can't obviously be deleted. 

Users from the deleted Group will be automatically moved to Root Group.

Please keep in mind that the User Groups can't be renamed or moved later.

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