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Gmail and G Suite synchronization
What is the difference between synchronization modes?
What is the difference between synchronization modes?

What does the Load button do?

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Based on your data storage preferences, there are more ways to load and synchronize data from Google using the button on Users page:

Take a closer look at the options we support:

1. User list - Add new users and remove deleted from Google Workspace

  • The system will load new users from Google Workspace

  • Users deleted in Google Workspace will be automatically removed from SignatureSatori

  • Doesn't affect any user data (addresses, phones, etc.) currently stored in SignatureSatori

  • This option will be always triggered during synchronization

2. User details - Rewrite from Google Workspace directory

  • Write data from Google Directory only where currently empty - If you choose this option, the data you have currently in SignatureSatori will not be affected, i.e. only if the fields are currently empty the corresponding content from Google Workspace will be synchronized. This means that a version of data previously synchronized from Google Workspace will not be overwritten even if an updated version is available.

  • Rewrite all except empty in Google Workspace directory - This option will synchronize data from Google Workspace even if the corresponding fields in SignatureSatori already have some content with one exception; if the corresponding fields are filled in SignatureSatori but not in Google Workspace, they will not be "wiped".

  • Rewrite all from Google Workspace Directory - A combination of previous methods; every field in SignatureSatori will be synchronized to the state in Google Workspace

  • This option is optimal if you renamed your domain

  • Option No. 1 will be included

3. Reload/rewrite Group membership

  • Rewrite group memberships according to Organizational Units affiliation in Google Workspace

  • This will affect all groups that were created in SignatureSatori and also modified group membership

  • User Groups that were deleted in Google Workspace will not be removed from SignatureSatori. You can remove them manually or contact us to help you with the process

  • Option No.1 will be included

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