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Google Analytics tracing and tags

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Using UTM tags in SignatureSatori is automatized, intuitive and easy to setup. If you aren’t familiar with the use of UTM tags for measuring the incoming traffic to your site, you can start your research here.

You should begin the tracking setup in menu section Settings > Google Analytics. by ticking the field Enable link tracking.

We recommend to follow common practice when preparing the parameters:

UTM Source: Identification of the incoming traffic; this should be significant enough for further orientation, we suggest something like signature or signaturesatori

UTM medium: Using simple email is totally sufficient; this will help you to group up the incoming traffic with newsletter data etc.

UTM campaign: Be prepared that you will conduct more campaigns in the future; you can use the name of a month this campaign was active or the name of a specific product that was promoted.
If you tick the field Use active campaign name as UTM campaign variable (if present), this field will be automatically filled and overwritten by the name of your marketing campaign. That means that links to your site will be automatically enhanced with the UTM tag with this campaign name.

Tracked domains: If you have more domains, be sure to list them here.
If you have subdomains like, you can include them by ticking the field “Track subdomains”. Don’t forget that you must have Google Analytics active for the subdomains under the same UA number. 

Now save your changes by clicking on Set.

If you don’t use the campaign name as a variable, or you haven’t any campaigns active, all incoming links will share the same identification. If you consider this insufficient, you may use different UTM tags for different templates.

We would suggest using the parameter "content" for this level of detail. You now have to enter the URL enriched by UTM tags to your templates manually. The outgoing links that already have UTM parameters set won’t be overwritten by SignatureSatori. You can even insert {variables} to the links.

However, we can’t offer you personalized data for every user, because that would violate Google identification policy.

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