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Adding vCard, QR code to the signatures
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vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards you can use if you want to enrich your signatures. Doing so makes it easier for recipients of your emails to create a contact entry for you, you can also connect it to a QR code so it becomes scannable from a mobile device.

  • Go to Settings -> Signature setup and enable the vCard generation. Pick the fields that contain the data that you want to be used. The name is non-optional and always included.

  • You can also set custom colors to the QR code to fit your brand identity.

  • The next step is adding the placeholder to your templates. You can find it in the Personal column. You can either add a QR code that downloads the vCard file upon scanning or clicking or just a clickable icon.

    The QR code will look like this in the editor:

  • The vCard icon (available both in the Personal column and among other icons) will look like this:

  • If you display the preview for your signatures, the QR code will now contain the contact info you picked. It will also download the .vcf file upon clicking for users on desktop, just like the icon.

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