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Email aliases, Send as addresses - how to set them
Email aliases, Send as addresses - how to set them

What is Send as address and E-mail alias

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If you're not sure what Send as address or alias are (or how to set them up in Gmail), please continue to the explanation.

Enable the feature

  1. Click on the Enable button in Settings > Send As addresses menu.

    2. After you’ve successfully enabled it, a list of users should appear.

Choose users and aliases

   1.  Now choose users by ticking their checkbox

   2. Click on Reveal Send as addresses of Users on the bottom of the page
        Their Send As addresses will appear.

   3. Choose the specific Send as addresses you wish to become visible.

   4. Click Create revealed Send addresses and they will appear in your list of users.

Important notice about aliases and send-as addresses

You can very easily recognise user email address and his alias.


The Send As addresses behave in many ways like users, but there are some differences, too:

  • Send as addresses can be assigned to a group, given a specific signature, and can have information differing from the primary address.
    However, they inherit the information from the users by default.

  • There's also an option to delete the unwanted Send as addresses. You can do so in Users & Set-up, by clicking the small bin on the right side of the screen.

  • Setting the signature for Send as address works the same way as for the primary address also in terms of pricing; that means you'll be charged for setting them accordingly. 

If you're having problems running this feature, please check if you have approved the new scopes in G Suite for SignatureSatori. If you don’t have rights to do so, please contact your G Suite super admin. 

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