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The visible parts of the signature template are not the only place where you can make use of placeholders - if you have links in your Company or User profiles, the placeholder will act as a shortcut to the specific URL stored in the corresponding field.

Probably the most common use of this option is for setting up meetings so we'll use it as an example.

Using connected elements

First, make sure the link to the calendar app of your choice is in SignatureSatori (synced from Workspace or otherwise input.)

Go to the Styles menu next to the signature editor and click on Personal.

Find the field you use to store the individualized links and click on three vertical dots next to it.

Now choose the Link + condition option, drag and drop it into the template where it should be.

Double-click the created link and these options will appear:

The last step is to simply change the Display text into something brief and clear, e.g. Book a meeting with me!

Confirm the changes and you're done!

You can use the same process to add icons (including Calendly) with individualized links - just choose Social icon + condition instead of Link + condition.

Another option to input a call to action with individualized links is using buttons available from the Styles menu under Modules.

Manual setup

In the editor highlight the text that should contain the link, and click the chain icon just like when adding a "normal" link - but instead of the direct URL type in the placeholder for the field where the link is stored.

If you check the previews now, you will see the info is being pulled from the connected field and every user has their specific content!

If you don't want to add the links to text but to images and turn them into click through buttons, the procedure is similar.

Double-click the image in the editor, switch to the Link bookmark, and instead of the direct link input the placeholder where you store user- or company-specific links.

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