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Placeholder elements consist of placeholders and Styles connected to them.
Using placeholder elements will help you create a unified signature for a whole department (or even company).

You can find the placeholder elements in a list under Styles.

The placeholder elements are grouped up according to where the information is pulled from - from the user data (Personal), Company profile (Company), etc.

You can add these placeholders using "drag&drop" or by clicking on the arrow next to it - the placeholder element will be inserted at the last position of your cursor in the editor.

Placeholder elements variants

If you click on the three vertical dots next to the placeholder element, you can see options for that placeholder. They are placeholder element variants.

Most of the variants are self-explanatory. The important thing to keep in mind is that by default the placeholders already include a Style that you can change or remove later. But by choosing the option Plaintext, it will be inserted with no predefined styles.

You can also add placeholder elements to your signature easily by starting writing { and the first letters of the placeholder. You will be offered the corresponding options.

Launch a guide under this link.

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