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​Automatize signature set-up for new or moved users

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If you follow the steps below, new users added to SignatureSatori via synchronization will be automatically assigned and set the corresponding signature. You can limit the automation by enabling it only for certain User Groups - in that case, only new users in these Groups (freshly synchronized or moved to them) will be affected.

Credit Automation uses only Credits available in your account and will never charge your card automatically.

How to enable Credit Automation

Start in Settings and enable Group based Automation:

You'll now need to go to Credit automation settings and purchase G Suite Data Sync for Credits.
If you already have Subscription and wish to set Credit automation for the part of your userbase not included in it, you can skip this step.

You can also set here the Daily limit on spent credits and set a value for an email warning when your credit amount will be getting low.

The Daily spend limit determines the maximum number of users whose signature can be set via Credit Automation during one run. If the limit would be exceeded, the whole process will be postponed and admins will be notified.

Balance warning is a threshold checker, the app will send you an email notification when it is reached.

Now please follow back to Settings and set your preferred Synchronization mode:

If you want to enable Automation for everybody, set it for the Root Group and make sure all subgroups are inheriting the settings.

If you don't want to enable the Automation for all your users, only for certain User Groups, change their assigned Automation mode directly. Alternatively, you can enable it for everybody and "opt out" certain User Groups.

Another option is to modify Automation on the user level. Go to User detail and scroll down to update the Assigned attributes based on Group.

You have now successfully set Credit automation for your users and saved yourself a lot of time and hassle in the future.

Note: The Automation doesn't reveal and process Send as addresses, you need to add them to SignatureSatori manually before they'll be handled.

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