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The deliverability of your emails is influenced by both content of the specific email and your domain reputation. You can learn what rules to follow to not get any "negative points" in your spam score in a dedicated article. But there's also a way to earn "positive points" by establishing authentication methods that increase the trustworthiness of your domain and emails. The three favorite methods are SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

You can learn about the current status of these methods in your domain directly in SignatureSatori. You might have encountered a message on your Dashboard:

The button takes you to a page dedicated to the issue:

As you can see, you will not just learn basic information there but you also can perform a check on the current status of all your domains using multiple sources.

The information about potential issues will not be displayed just at Dashboard but also in the Signature Templates menu.

If you choose to not set the authentication tools (although we highly recommend to do so), you can click "Ignore" a specific domain. That will prevent the warning from being displayed in the app.

You can also schedule a monthly check-up on the status of your domains in Automation features.

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