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Assigning different templates according to user group
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If you think that different departments or people of your company could benefit from different signatures, you’re right! You can set it very easily with SignatureSatori in User Groups

If you have users already sorted in G Suite, everything will be simpler for you, or you can set everything directly in SignatureSatori.
Just be careful, you could reverse your changes made in SignatureSatori to settings from G Suite if you choose the synchronization option User details - Rewrite from G Suite directory.

To assign different templates to different user groups:

  1. Go to User Groups menu

  2. Now pick the user group in the left column

  3. Choose the desired signature template from the dropdown menu Assigned signature template.

    If you haven’t created any User groups yet and want to find out how, check this article. You can check below for the users in your chosen group. If you choose the first “blank” option, the group will inherit the set template from the parent group.

  4. If you click on Preview, you will see how the signature will look in your emails. 

  5. If you make any changes you don’t want to lose, click on Save.

If you leave any user groups with the “default” signature template, remember they will be assigned the “default” template.

After you’ve everything prepared, you can make sure the signatures will be applied by clicking Set signatures which will take you directly to filtered results according to your User Group.

If you use credits, you can spend them on the freshly set user signatures, or if you use subscription, you can force synchronization with the email client to have the signatures online.

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