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Activating daily G Suite Data Sync
Activating daily G Suite Data Sync

How to get data from G Suite to SignatureSatori on daily basis

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G Suite Data Sync is a one-way daily synchronization between SignatureSatori and G Suite.

You need to have Subscription or use G Suite Data Sync for Credits to set it up.

The G Suite Data sync setup is available in Automation features. Choose the preferred option from the dropdown menu.

If you’re not sure about which option to choose, check the detailed article about their differences.

Now click Set and it’s all done! 

You can also synchronize the data immediately using the option you have chosen here.

If you wish to "pause" the synchronization temporarily, please uncheck the checkbox next to Enabled. This may come in handy when you work on structural changes in G Suite with configured Automation and don't want to synchronize it prematurely. Otherwise, the default option is recommended.

Daily G Suite Data Sync is an important prerequisite if you wish to automate setting up signatures to new (or moved) users for Credits or include new users to Subscription.

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