How do I remove and add new users?

How to delete users

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User list is mirrored from G Suite. Users are not deleted or added directly in SignatureSatori, they are synchronized with G Suite. You can synchronize them anytime.

In order to synchronize users in SignatureSatori with G Suite, you need to:

  1. Add them/Delete them in G Suite

  2. Then click “Sync from G Suite” in the Users & Set-up

3. Confirm the default synchronization mode selection.

4. The synchronization will be performed in the background. New users will be added and users deleted in G Suite will be removed from SignatureSatori.

You can check the details in section Dashboard under section G Suite Data Sync queue clicking on the "i" icon next to the last record.

If you have some suspended users in G Suite and you want to remove them SignatureSatori, you can. Read this article.

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