This article describes a picture update of your Google profile which can be loaded into SignatureSatori and displayed in your signature.

If you instead want to learn how to mass update Profile pictures in SignatureSatori, please
continue here.

  1. Click on your current profile picture in the top right corner on any Google page like Gmail or Drive.
  2. Click on the Camera icon in the corner of your current image.
  3. Choose your new picture from preferred source.
  4. Click Set as profile photo.

If you are interested in changing profile photo directly in SignatureSatori, you can do that as an administrator directly in Users & Set-up OR as an user in User page (if admin allows them).

Please be aware of the fact that you can change your photo directly in Gmail settings (it will be displayed as a thumbnail in your emails instead of the Profile picture.)
However, SignatureSatori doesn't synchronize this image and it won't be available for your signatures.

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