We believe that SignatureSatori is pretty self-explanatory but you might still feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning, especially if you took over an account that has been already set by somebody else. The following list of terms we use in the app and on this Help site should ease you the orientation and work as a crossroad between the articles explaining the many features SignatureSatori offers.

To set signatures

If you want to actually apply the signatures you have prepared, the last but crucial step is to "set" them (the equivalent term we sometimes use is to "push the signatures"). While this happens automatically for users in Subscription during the regular synchronization time, you need to do it manually for users in Credit mode. It's a quick procedure described in detail in this dedicated article.


We offer two payment modes - Subscription and Credits. If you're not familiar with their specifics, please have a look at this brief description to find out which one suits better your needs.

Subscription run

Subscription is a payment mode that offers regular synchronization and unlimited changes for a monthly fee. (The differences between Credits and Subscription are summed up here.) Basically, the signatures for users in Subscription mode are set every 24 hours automatically and you can force set them anytime with no additional charge. The way of adding users to subscription mode and changing the time of the daily synchronization is described here.

Data reload

We use your G Suite account as a primary source of contact data about your users. If you want to synchronize any changes, you have several options to do so depending on your use case. The options (also called refresh modes) are described in this dedicated article.

Email clients

SignatureSatori is tailored to Gmail but we try ensure the widest compatibility with other clients. If you wish to use signatures from our app in other email clients (including mobile platforms), please have a look here.

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