If you use G Suite as a primary directory for User data, it's very likely you plan to transfer them to SignatureSatori. And it's very easy to do so!

At first, refresh your memory by looking to G Suite at the hierarchy and names of your categories.

You probably have basic information about users and some custom categories. Let's start with something simple!

Our users don't use the landline.
How do I replace the {phone} value with something useful?

In this case, the common value for {phone} is useless.
But you can utilize it if you map this field to another attribute; for example to a commonly shared phone as seen in the picture.

To do that:

  1. Go to User page settings, you'll see the list of available fields and if they're activated or not.

  2. Now choose the field you wish to connect to G Suite and click on a field in the Directory mapping column. 

We store Twitter profile in G Suite. How do we add it to SignatureSatori?

This is an example of a custom category called Social profiles in G Suite (picture below).

And on the picture below, you can see a field for Twitter already successfully mapped to a custom category Twitter in G Suite.

After you connect the fields, don't forget to click Save button on the bottom of the User page settings in SignatureSatori.

To synchronize the information you now need to go to Users & Set-up and load the information manually by choosing the option Reload and rewrite user information from G Suite.

If you're utilizing Multi value custom fields in G Suite, you can learn more about your options in a dedicated article.

What does this option mean? Article: What is the difference between refresh modes.

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