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How to set an empty signature to a user
How to set an empty signature to a user
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There are two ways how to set an empty signature.

The first way how to do that is simple.
Just erase that manually in your Gmail settings. You can switch to an option No signature in Settings > tab General

The second option is using SignatureSatori to push a "blank" signature.

  1. You can prepare a new template called for example Empty signature in section Users

  2. Then erase everything and insert one empty space, because there always has to be something in the template to make it work

  3. Save the template

  4. Create a new User group and move there all users you want them to have an empty signature

  5. Assign this new blank template to this User group

  6. Click on Save

  7. Click on Set signature to push the empty signature to all the users

Please note that you need credits or a subscription mode active to set the signature via SignatureSatori even though you push an empty signature.

If you want to prevent Users from having their signatures set up during Automation, you can exclude them manually.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us on chat. Just click on the button in the right bottom corner.

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