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Users can request changes to data on their User page. Admins are notified by email and can also see all requests on the Dashboard.

By default, user requests have to be manually reviewed and approved by the admin.

In Settings, you can automate the process of review and approval. If you choose this option, the signature will be updated automatically after the user requests it.

Dashboard view:

You can go through the individual requests by clicking on Review.

Or you can skip the manual review and use Process all without Review.

Review - Individual review

During the reviewing process, you can:

  • Approve changes one by one

  • Approve All changed fields

The following available actions are:

  • Save - saves current data (unapproved data will be deleted) and redirects you to the next step for the signature set-up (see below)

  • Cancel - closes the change request approval window

  • Signature preview - shows how the signature will look like with your already approved user information from the previous step

Save - Finish Review

After you click on the Save button, you can choose between three options.

Process all without Review - process requests in bulk.

If you choose the button Process all without Review in the Dashboard section, you will get directly to the Set-up section where you can manually set-up signatures for all users who requested changes.

You can cancel the Saved request in section Users &Set-up when you click on the three dots icon next to the user.

Please keep in mind that the data submitted by users can be rewritten during G Suite Data Sync.

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