If you're in the process of rebranding your company and are going to update your G Suite primary domain, you should be aware of the necessary transition changes and caveats in SignatureSatori.

Most importantly: The current users will be treated as new users.

What does that mean?


When you launch the G Suite Data Sync after the update, all users with the old domain will be automatically deleted from SignatureSatori. Anyone with the new domain will be loaded as a new user. Any modifications done directly in SignatureSatori will be lost and the users will have data that are currently stored only in G Suite.

User groups

These new users may be not in the same User group as the previous ones (especially if you did some modifications to Group membership directly in SignatureSatori). Please check this and move users to the correct User group if necessary.


Templates will not be affected by the domain change.

Does it mean I have to set all signatures again?

Yes. Because Gmail will automatically erase current signatures (which we can't prevent) after the renaming process in G Suite. This shouldn't be an issue since you were likely going to update the signatures with new info nonetheless. You have to set the signature using credits or add the users to Subscription again.

I am having issues after the primary domain has been changed.

Please try to log off and log in back to the app.

If this doesn't help, please contact us at support@signaturesatori.com

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